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Christmas 2020, 2021 and 2022

Christmas Day is celebrated across the United States on 25 December, and is one of the most actively celebrated holidays in the country. Most Americans try to get off both Christmas Day and Christmas Eve to celebrate, feast, and have fun with family and friends. And both religious and non-religious alike “keep Christmas” in their own way.

202024 DecThuChristmas Eve AR, KS, KY, MI, NC, OK,
25 DecFriChristmas Day National
26 DecSatChristmas Holiday TX
28 DecMonChristmas Holiday NC
28 DecMonChristmas Holiday SC
202124 DecFriChristmas Eve AR, KS, KY, MI, NC, SC
& TX
25 DecSatChristmas Day National
26 DecSunChristmas Holiday NC, OK, SC, TN & TX
202224 DecSatChristmas Eve AR, MI, NC, SC & TX
25 DecSunChristmas Day National
26 DecMonChristmas Holiday AR, NC, OK, SC, TN &

For most Americans, the Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving and the entire month of December is filled with holiday celebrations, from community events to family gatherings.

It’s hard to define exactly how Christmas is celebrated in the US because of the great diversity, due to the mixing of many cultures and many Christmas traditions. But, in general, most will have a family get together with a great feast.

Turkey or ham is commonly the main dish, but for some, Polish sausage and cabbage, lasagna, or roast duck might be instead. But one thing everyone shares in common is an abundance of sweets eaten throughout the season.

Christmas traditions include exchanging gifts and cards, putting up and decorating a Christmas tree, decorating the home with lights and other ornamentation, taking children to see “Santa Claus” at the local mall, and attending various parties on Christmas Eve and Day.

Most families set up a Christmas tree, typically a Douglas fir, and decorate it with lights, tinsel, ornaments, and candy canes. Many communities also erect a community tree in a public area; these trees are wide and tall, and they serve as the centerpiece for the community’s holiday celebrations.

The most iconic Christmas display in the US is clearly the lights and giant tree set up in Rockefeller Center, in New York City, each year, along with a huge public ice skating rink.