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Texas Independence Day

Texas Independence Day 2019 and 2020

In Texas, every 2 March is a public holiday called Texas Independence Day. The day commemorates the declaration of independence of Texas from Mexico, which was issued on 2 March 1836.

Year Date Day Holiday States
2019 2 Mar Sat Texas Independence Day TX
2020 2 Mar Mon Texas Independence Day TX

After longstanding disagreements with Mexico City seemed impossible to resolve, delegates from all over Texas met and declared Texas a free and independent republic. The wording of the Texas Declaration of Independence closely mirrors that of the US Declaration of Independence in many ways.

Texas Independence Day is also Sam Houston Day because that is the day Sam Houston, famed Texas war hero, president, and governor, was born. Plus, the very same day (2 March) is also Flag Day in Texas. Thus, 2 March is clearly the most patriotic day of the year to be a Texan!

Texas state workers have the option of taking Texas Independence Day off, and Texas students often study the Texas Declaration of Independence this time of year.

On Texas Independence Day, there are battle reenactments, concerts, chili cooking contests, storytelling events, and a host of other activities all over the Lone Star State.