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Grand Canyon National Park
Travel Guide – Arizona

Grand Canyon Travel Guide

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a prime destination for travelers who are searching for amazing views. Your adventures in Grand Canyon National Park will treat you to impressive sandstone formations, humble waterways, and vibrant colors.

For a unique adventure that deviates from the typical Grand Canyon tour, you can travel to Cameron Trading Post to enjoy the Navajo taco. You may also experience the sheer cliffs and sunny conditions of the Grand Canyon by hiking to incredible destinations like Desert View. If you appreciate history and geology, explore the passageways of the Little Colorado River Gorge. You will be overwhelmed when you spot several gold and red formations from the East Rim. Grand Canyon National Park is conveniently accessible from Flagstaff, Sedona, and other popular spots in Arizona.

Things to see and do in Grand Canyon National Park

Encounter one of the Grand Canyon’s most iconic views by traveling to Desert View. Located on the East Rim of the Grand Canyon, Desert View has a tall watchtower that was designed by Mary Colter. Mary Colter was an important American architect during the early years of the 20th century. Colter modeled the Desert View Watchtower after a Pueblan tower. When you visit this popular attraction, you will surely be impressed by weathered stone bricks and a magnificent landscape.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

People admiring the view in one of the cliffs in the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

If you travel to the Grand Canyon from Flagstaff, you can enjoy the unique sights of Little Colorado River Gorge. This important Navajo site is located just outside of Grand Canyon National Park, but it offers oddly unique features. Unlike the colorful sandstone cliffs of the park, Little Colorado River Gorge has pale rock formations. Visit the gorge’s Shadow Mountain, or explore the deep passages to spark your desire to explore the wilderness.

Enjoy a quick tour of the East Rim’s greatest sights by following the Grandview Trail. As its name suggests, this 2.5-mile trail will guide you to the wondrous cliffs and plateaus that have made the Grand Canyon a natural wonder of the world. This trail can be quite intense, but it is a great option for travelers who have a tight schedule.

Grandview Trail – Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grandview Trail leading to Horseshoe Mesa.

Witness some of the most photographed sights of the Grand Canyon by hiking to Cape Royal. This famous point on the North Rim is a popular overlook that will allow you to see the spines of several large limestone and sandstone formations. You may also see the area glow with various hues of red and orange under a fiery sunset.

Climate conditions

Located at an elevation of approximately 7,000 feet, Grand Canyon National Park has an arid climate. The summer months can be quite hot, and snowfall is common throughout the winter season. You can avoid the dense crowds of tourists by visiting Grand Canyon National Park between November and March.