Sedona Travel Guide

Often overlooked by passersby en route to the Grand Canyon, Sedona is a quirky desert town that offers a taste of Northern Arizonan culture and fascinating natural views. You may relax in this peaceful town by browsing the local masterpieces of an art gallery, or you can go on a grand adventure to see sights like Cathedral Rock.

Your trip to Sedona is not complete until you visit the surprisingly picturesque sights of Chapel of the Holy Cross. If you enjoy fun-filled days of hiking or kayaking, visit the famous Oak Creek Canyon. You may also test your photography skills during a tour of Red Rock State Park.

Things to see and do in Sedona

Cathedral Rock is a towering sandstone formation that has been an important landmark in the area for hundreds of years. Formerly known as Court House Rock, Cathedral Rock was an important meeting place for both explorers and indigenous Americans. If you observe Cathedral Rock from the head of the main trail, you will see a castle-like arrangement of red sandstone formations. When Catholicism became the prominent religion in Arizona, this formation was dubbed Cathedral Rock. You can follow the rugged trails to highest points of Cathedral Rock to encounter amazing views of the desert.

Chapel of the Holy Cross – Sedona, Arizona

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona.

The Christian imagery of Sedona is not limited to Cathedral Rock; Chapel of the Holy Cross is a unique destination that attracts thousands of travelers each year. Chapel Of the Holy Cross is an active place of worship that is situated on top of a high cliff. The builders of the church recognized the natural beauty of the area, so the stained glass windows do not block the views of Sedona and the surrounding landscapes. Christians and non-Christians frequently meet at this location to gaze at the red and orange hues of the desert.

Explore the natural world by visiting Oak Creek Canyon. Oak Creek Canyon is a gorge with plenty of trails and waterways, so you can enjoy exciting days of hiking, kayaking, and other activities. This area of Arizona has deciduous trees, so it is a popular location among sightseers during the autumn months. You may be impressed by rust-colored leaves that match the sandstone rocks. Fly-fishing is also quite popular in Oak Creek Canyon.

Sedona, Arizona

A hiker walking on a trail in Sedona.

Learn about the historical and cultural importance of Sedona at Honanki. Honanki will teach you about the indigenous culture of the area through ancient rock art and guided tours. You may also explore well-preserved cave dwellings that were used by indigenous Americans for thousands of years.

Climate conditions

Sedona and the surrounding areas have a semi-arid climate that supports a variety of plants and animals. During your adventures in the area, you may encounter a mixture of desert landscapes, gorges, and pine forests. You can expect chilly winters and hot summers.