Vail Travel Guide

Vail is a small mountain town in a remote area of Colorado. This area of the Coloradan wilderness is protected by an expansive mountain range, so Vail is only visited by skiers and other nature enthusiasts. Since Vail does not receive much through-traffic, it is a wonderful place to escape the stressful disturbances of modern living. Located at an elevation of approximately 8,000 feet, Vail will treat you to a mountainous experience unlike any other.

Vail is the heart of the Coloradan ski scene; if you enjoy winter landscapes and thrilling activities, this is the town you have been searching for. Start your grand vacation in Vail by skiing down the slopes of Vail Mountain. After you have felt the freedom of the alpine environment, head to Gore Creek for a day of sightseeing and fishing. The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail offer lovely botanical sights for travelers who would like to learn more about the local flora.


Vail is a fairly new town, but it still has its own historical charms and secrets. Vail was founded in 1966 by Earl Eaton and several members of the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division. These combat veterans hoped to put their war experiences behind them by starting a new life of helping others appreciate the joys of skiing. Today, the resorts that these men created are the backbone of Vail’s economy.

Things to see and do in Vail

Vail Mountain – Vail, Colorado

Skiers ride a chairlift gondola at Vail Mountain in Vail, Colorado. Vail Mountain is located in the White River National Forest and is home of the Vail Ski Resort.

Vail Mountain is the largest ski mountain in Colorado. This tall mountain has numerous ski fields that are suitable for people of various experience levels, so your entire family can enjoy a fulfilling adventure in Vail. Vail Mountain has several ski resorts, but the most popular options are Vail Ski Resort and Beaver Creek Resort.

If you visit Vail after the spring thaw, you may enjoy a leisurely day in Gore Creek. Gore Creek is a popular spot among local fishermen. You may target rainbow and brown trout with your favorite rods and flies. If you do not enjoy fishing, you can simply wade in the chilly water while you admire your serene surroundings.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens has numerous gardens that showcase local plants that are found in the alpine environments of Vail and the surrounding areas. You can enjoy a relaxing stroll through the gardens, or you may listen to an informative lecture about the ecosystem.


Vail receives extremely cold conditions during the winter season. The average winter temperatures range from 5 to 30 degrees. Vail receives about 183 inches of snow each year. You can also enjoy pleasantly warm conditions for hiking and climbing during the summer season.