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Acadia National Park
Travel Guide – Maine

Acadia National Park Travel Guide

Acadia National Park in Maine is a popular vacation destination among both Americans and Canadians. This gorgeous nature reserve is located on Mount Desert Island, a unique destination that has an arid appearance due to its expansive granite formations. During the age of exploration, Mount Desert Island was mistakenly reported as a barren location that could not support life. Acadia National Park receives over 2 million annual visitors. During your adventures in Acadia, you will witness spectacular natural features, including mountains, bays, fjords, and beaches. You can enjoy activities like sightseeing, climbing, hiking and kayaking.


This park’s name stems from Arcadia, a place in Greece that is similar to Mount Desert Island. Acadia was once threatened by development projects by American corporations after the Industrial Revolution. In an ironic turn of events, several leaders in the American business world sought to protect Mount Desert Island from development. George B. Dorr and Charles W. Eliot were early protectors of the island’s mountains and coastal wilderness. John D. Rockefeller effectively saved the park from destruction by donating over 11,000 acres of land to the federal government.

Things to see and do in Acadia National Park

You will be amazed by the dramatic coastal scenery of Mount Desert Island when you explore Frenchman Bay. Frenchman Bay is a large body of water between Maine and the Atlantic Ocean, and it has several small islands. The bay’s Sheep Porcupine Island is a small island of white rock formations that are covered by spiny pine trees. If you observe this island from a boat, you will realize how it earned its name.

Cadillac Mountain – Acadia National Park, Maine

Visitors stand atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, near Bar Harbor, Maine.

For stunning sunsets and sunrises, visit Cadillac Mountain. Cadillac Mountain is the tallest mountain in Acadia, and you can see 25 smaller mountains from its summit. This mountain is a wonderful location for hikers and photographers.

When you hike across the well-maintained trails of Acadia National Park, you will witness the azure waters of Somes Sound. Somes Sound is the only fjord in the contiguous United States. This body of water is reminiscent of fjords in Scandinavia.

Bar Harbor – Acadia National Park, Maine

The natural beauty of the Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor (Maine, USA) from the Cadillac Mountain during the indian summer with changing foliage of fall.

Treat yourself to a few hours of hiking by following the Beehive Trail. The Beehive Trail is less than one mile in length, but you should prepare for a extremely difficult climb to a high overlook. This trail has ladders that will help you manage the vertical ascent.

Climate conditions

Acadia National Park has a cool climate that is regulated by the Atlantic Ocean. You can expect cool conditions during the summer holiday season. The average summer temperature is about 65 degrees.