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Travel Guide – Maine

Kennebunkport Travel Guide

Kennebunkport, Maine, located in York County on the southern Maine coast, is a small town with only around 3,500 residents. However, it is much-visited for its historic importance and scenic beauty and is a major east-coast summer resort.


Originally, the town was founded in 1663 as “Cape Porpus” and as part of the British colony of Massachusetts Bay, but by 1689, Indians attacks had brought settlement to a halt. Again, in the early 1700’s, settlers began to come to the area, but it was not until 1821 that a town named Kennebunkport appeared on the map. By the 1870’s, the town began to become popular as a summer retreat or vacationing spot.

Things to see and do in Kennebunkport

Cape Porpoise – Kennebunkport, Maine

Fishing Boats moored at Cape Porpoise marina, backlit on an autumn day.

Tour the town’s historic buildings and zones. The first-settled part of town, Cape Porpoise, has a small village that is popular with tourists but is mainly a fishing center. The Cape Arundel Summer Colony Historic District has many cottages dating to the early 1900’s, and Burbank Hill has an old school and jail. Finally, at Dock Square, you will find there are numerous souvenir shops, art galleries, and cafes serving authentic seafood.

Be sure to see Clock Farm, which was founded in the 1770’s and has an interesting clock-tower barn that always draws the tourists.

If you enjoy golf, play a game at the Cape Arundel Golf Club, which was founded in 1896 and ranks among the oldest golf clubs in Maine. It lies along the Kennebunk River and has long been a favorite green of such famous persons as the first President Bush.

Peruse the Seashore Trolley Museum, which is among the biggest of all mass-transit vehicle museums on the planet. It will give you a look at authentically restored trolleys and a ride in one, but you can also see buses, trains, and more. Additionally, you can get “back stage” to see how the trolley restoration process is done.

Kennebunkport, Maine

This Bridge is one of the entrance roadways to the Village of Kennebunkport Maine which is a very popular community on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also very popular as a typical New England coastal community as well as home for one of our past Presidents in America. This unique village is very appealing to visitors to New England year around not just during the Fall period. Colorful and many unique shops as well as restaurants and special architectural features and on this August day it was beautiful.

Stop by the Brick Store Museum, housed in an old dry goods store but now an art gallery. It is unique if anything and large, at least physically, for it covers a whole block.

Take a picture and enjoy the sea breeze and amazing view off of Walker’s Point, the site of the Bush Compound. There is a plaque dedicated to the first President Bush that is built into a seaside rock.

Climate conditions

Summers are somewhat mild in Kennebunkport, with even July highs only hitting about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are rather cold, however, with January lows averaging only 11 degrees. Much of the year, 200 days, are sunny, but there is also a lot of precipitation. Forty-six inches of rain and 58 inches of snow fall each year, and the region is also known for frequent flooding.