Sleepy Hollow Travel Guide

Sleepy Hollow, New York, is located in Westchester County, which is the geographic “neck” that connects New York City with the rest of New York further north. Sleepy Hollow lies on the east side of the Hudson River and has a population of around 10,000. Its main attraction for tourists is its fame as the town of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and a number of important historic sites.


The place where Sleepy Hollow now sits was first settled by the Dutch and by English colonists who came soon after them in the 1600’s. However, it was not until the late 1800’s that the town was incorporated as “North Tarrytown.” Later, in 1996, it changed its name to Sleepy Hollow to be more easily identified as the scene of Irving’s famous story about eerie encounters with a “headless horseman.”

Things to see and do in Sleepy Hollow

Tour the old buildings of Sleepy Hollow. The Philipsburg Manor House, built in 1693, was an English manor before and during the American Revolution. The Old Dutch Church also dates from the 1600’s. It lies along the Albany Post Road and has an adjacent church burying ground that features prominently in Irving’s classic. The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is, in fact, where Washington Irving himself is buried, along with Andrew Carnegie and a number of other famous persons. The Old Dutch Reformed Church is the second-oldest church building in the state of New York.

Relax and enjoy nature at the nearby Rockefeller State Park Preserve. Located in the hills just east of the Hudson, the scenic terrain includes woodlands and the picturesque Pocantico River. Activities include hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and birdwatching.

Visit “Kykuit,” which in Dutch means “lookout.” The mansion, once owned by John Rockefeller, has forty rooms to explore and sits on a natural lookout point in the Pocantico Hills. Enjoy the architecture, the view over the Hudson, and the outdoor garden. You can even sometimes catch a glimpse of New York City from the ridge, even though the house is 25 miles to the north.

Climate conditions

Sleepy Hollow has a somewhat cooler climate than New York City, 30 miles to the south, with temperatures sometimes lower by as much as 15 degrees. Summers are, nonetheless, hot, and winters rather chilly. The area receives 45 inches of rain per year, and snowfall is plentiful.